The Twins Visit Fort Bragg, California

We had the pleasure of visiting Fort Bragg, California in February.  Though it is not the most popular time of year to visit a beach town in Northern California, the kids, the dads, and we twins alike had a fabulous time!

Here are the hkaties iphone 422ighlights that we highly recommend in any season:

1.  Cowlick’s Ice Cream Cafe which boasts mushroom ice cream and other unique gems!

2.  Shopping Downtown.  There are candy shops and toy stores for the kids, boutiques, kitchen shops,  and antiques for the mommies, and even gaming stores for any daddies or teenagers who may accompany you.

3.  The tide pools at MacKerricher State katies iphone 425Park.  Wow!  Just three miles north of Fort Bragg, you will find hiking trails, tide pools, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.  Sometimes seal lions show up as well.

4.  The Pudding Creek Bridge is amazing and has a fantastic beach behind it that the kids loved exploring.

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5.  Lastly, if you are into BBQ, The Q at 1064 S Main St. was mouth-watering.  We ordered BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, onion rings, potato salad and cole slaw.  We way over-ordered though, not realizing how large the sandwiches would be.  Next time, we will split sandwiches or meals.

We hope you visit Fort Bragg on your next vacation, and by all means bring the kids!

katies iphone 435  Your Friends,

The Twins!